OTM Creator and Facilitator, Cecille Weldon

OTM Creator and Facilitator, Cecille Weldon

The Organic Time Management System

Cecille Weldon developed the Organic Time Management System® while trying to find a way to balance her life as a woman, a single mum and a professional.  She has recently completed the book Travelling with Time on the subject and regularly conducts individual and group sessions outlining its principles.

Organic Time Management™ provides a way to unblock the stuck and overwhelming areas of our lives, reclaim the areas which give us nourishment and still keep our commitments in all the other areas.

Organic Time Management™ The system includes the creation of an personalised OTM Model of your time and energy, produced by answering three Key Questions. Through an understanding of the OTM Models' significance and the application of specific time/energy strategies we are able to arrive at an individualised concept of balance from which we can gently and effectively manage all areas of our lives.

The Organic Time Management system differs from traditional time management systems that attempt to impose a value system over our lives. It records the patterns that exist within our lives.

Subsequently our understanding of Time grows with our knowledge of these patterns, hence the name ‘Organic’. In other words, it is time management from the reference point of relativity.  It recognises that we must be able to manage many areas of our lives in a constantly shifting environment in order to fulfill obligations to ourselves, our families and our businesses.